Work Smarter

with Business Intelligence


Work Smarter with Business Intelligence

Let Mindmap help you discover ways to realize efficiencies by utilizing your organization’s data and outside data to provide deep business insights to you or your customers.

Business Intelligence Services: Smarter Way To Handle Your Data Business Intelligence is an umbrella term which encompasses various methodologies for collecting, organizing and transforming data into purposeful structured information source and insights which help business identify opportunities, develop strategies while achieving long-term advantage and stability. BI applications, methodologies and technologies enable organizations to collect and process data from various sources, analyze it, run queries, create dashboards, data visualizations and easily share analytical reports with various departments and customers. Business Intelligence Company To Empower Decision-Making Tricension uses only proven methodologies and technologies that will allow for easy integration with your current applications and platforms. We offer end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions in line with your budget allowing you to discover insights into your data easily and quickly. Whether you need complete business intelligence implementation or business intelligence consulting, Tricension has experienced team and technologies to ensure your BI implementation will go smoothly with high ROI. Business Intelligence Consulting: convert data into valuable insights Business Intelligence Development: agile implementation methodologies, client-focused approach Data Visualization and Dashboarding: focus on important information Business Intelligence Testing: audit your existing solution to ensure you get all the benefits Benefits Of Business Intelligence Services For Your Company Tricension will help you benefit from informed decision-making with insights tailored specifically for your organization. Our experienced expert-level BI consultants will help you leverage external and internal data for more informed decisions and choices: performance analysis, strategy, optimization, forecasting, financial analysis and much more. We will work closely with your company to ensure that we find the most suitable solution based on your current applications, structure and technology. With Tricension’s BI implementation and consulting, your organization will benefit in numerous ways: BUILD A STRONG FOUNDATION FOR YOUR DATA Mindmap is here to help you empower employees to make informed decisions with easy-to-use business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools that seamlessly combine existing enterprise data, external data, and unstructured big data. Deliver the power of data to every user in your organization building a comprehensive Business Intelligence plan and implementing enterprise-class, end-to-end BI and analytics tools. TRANSFORM DATA INTO INTELLIGENT ACTIONS Mindmap helps you transform raw data into insightful data models that can be easily interpreted and analyzed using familiar tools. We will help you leverage data to deliver actionable business insights and get a competitive market advantage. ACCESS TO USERS FROM ANY DEVICE Mindmap will implement solution that will work seamlessly with your existing platforms and applications, while distributing the relevant business intelligence information to users in your organization with access to reports from any platform from desktops to major mobile devices.